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Project History

2013 Mission

El Salvador



SCOPE.  The Bellingham Central Lions Club (BCLC) partners with Lions District D-2 in El Salvador and its sister club, Club de Leones de San Salvador, in order to help needy people in El Salvador in a variety of health-related areas. We work through the San Salvador and Mexijanos Lions Clubs Eye Clinics, and with the San Salvador School for the Deaf, a school for the blind and visually impaired, and the Optometry and Audiology programs at the University of El Salvador. We also coordinate our work with the PazSalud El Salvador Health Mission, a program of PeachHealth and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, providing specialized equipment and services whenever we can.

RECENT ACTIVITY.  In February, 2012, Ken Henderson, the Director of our El Salvador Program, accompanied a PazSalud mission to El Salvador. BCLC and the Northwest Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center (NWLERC) contributed 3,500 glasses to run an eye clinic and Ken went down with the glasses to help run the clinic. While working in the town of Villanueve, they met a family whose son, Humberto Jose, appeared to be suffering from muscular dystrophy. He could not walk and they had no way to bring him to San Salvador where he could be properly diagnosed and treated.
  After meeting with the family and Humberto, Susan Dewitt, PazSalud's In-country Cooridnator, asked our club if we could provide a light-weight mobility divide that would allow the family to navigate the rough roads and bus system so they could obtain treatment for their son. We gave the problem to a group of experienced ASAP engineers at our Wheelchair Warehouse, otherwise known as "Old Geezers, Inc.", who found and subsequently fortified a three-wheeled stroller. We sent this down to Villanueve, with the results that you see in the picture on the right. Humberto is out and about - a whole lot happier.


CURRENT PROJECT.  We are currently involved in creating a Mobile Health Van that can be sent into the countryside in El Salvador. Lions District D-2 in San Salvador are acquiring a suitable vehicle and we are raising the  funds  necessary to outfit it with the

necessary medical equipment and supplies.
  As part of our fund-raising efforts, we are importing fair-trade, organically grown coffee from El Salvador and having it roasted and packaged locally by MokaJoe. We are selling this coffee at a very reasonable price, $11.99 for 14oz, first to raise the money to buy the needed equipment, and then to purchase the medical supplies that the Mobil Health Van will require on an ongoing basis. Click the image on the right to buy our coffee and contribute to this program. For more information, please email Wayne Weed.

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