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MLions perform public service in three ways: 1) hands-on service, 2) by salvaging equipment to give to those in need, and 3) by providing funds to support worthy efforts and community service organizations.

Hands-On Service.  Our members serve meals and help maintain the buildings at Camp Horizon, which serves handicapped persons of all ages. We help operate the Lions Mobile Sight and Hearing Clinic when it comes to Bellingham. We ring bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas. We even travel as far afield as El Salvador to help staff Lions sight and hearing clinics.

Recycling for Life.  We gather eyeglasses to be refurbished and given to the needy through clinics the world around; also hearing aids, which are recycled locally through the Northwest Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. Finally our members operate the Al Boe Wheelchair Warehouse, which gathers, refurbishes and loans back to the community wheelchairs and many other kinds of durable medical equipment.

Providing Funds.  Our Club donates money to a host of community organizations and causes in the key areas of Sight, Hearing, Rehabilitation, Civic Betterment, and Youth. Every penny we raise from the public goes back to the public.

Click here to apply for eyeglasses. Click here for help with another personal need. Click here to apply for project support.      Click here for a pdf of essential information about our services.


All Lions support Service in Local, Regional, and International venues through individual Clubs, Districts of confederated clubs, & the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).

Serving Our Community.  Our Lions Club plows most of its energy and money back into Bellingham and surrounding communities in Whatcom County. For example, at any given time, more than 2,000 people in the Whatcom County region are using wheelchairs and other medical equipment that we freely loan to our neighbors. Last year, we made grants to more than 20 local community organizations, and provided new eyeglasses and hearing aids to dozens of people in need.

Serving in the Pacific Northwest.  We join with other other Lions clubs in the Northwest to support the Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight & Hearing, Camp Leo for diabetic children, the Lions Christmas Ship, and the Northwest Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center.

Serving Internationally.  We work internationally through our Lions Multiple District by contributing to Lions' Peruvian CARE bootstrap program, the the training of Leader Dogs for the Blind, and the LCIF SightFirstII campaign to eliminate preventable blindness from the world. We are also twinned with the San Salvador Lions Club in El Salvador, where we are involved as a club in a number of programs, including eye clinics.

International giving is a two-way street for Lions. When we needed money to build an addition to the Wheelchair Warehouse, we obtained an LCIF matching grant for this purpose.


Download for referring service organizations: Essential Information About Our Services.

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