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WHAT IS THE AL BOE WHEELCHAIR WAREHOUSE?  WCW loans durable medical equipment to folk in Northwest Washington. It is a free service, though we gladly accept donations. Equipment loaned includes low vision aids, wheelchairs, powerchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, and bedside and bathroom helpers of all kinds. Loans are for three months, but may be extended based on need.

WHO USES THE EQUIPMENT & WHY?  People of all ages borrow our equipment. Some to recover from a temporary condition, others with long-term needs that arise from debilitating conditions or aging. Our chairs enable people to get out and continue to be productive members of society. Indeed, some of our long-term recipients have become volunteers at the WCW.
  We also loan equipment to people who are traveling or have visiting relatives. Churches, schools and clinics also borrow equipment to support their programs.
 On the right, you see Matt, who is wearing a soft cast and a Lions wheelchair. Matt came to us just before an operation to repair a serious fracture of his lower leg. He's a happy man in the specially augment chair we rigged for him.

 HOW DO WE SUSTAIN THE WCW?  The Warehouse is situated on land owned by Lions Multiple District 19. All those who work there are volunteers. All the equipment is donated. Operating ex- penses, such as utilities, office and repair supplies, and batteries, are paid for from cash donations, by renting power chairs and strollers at the Lynden Fair, and through the gracious support of the Jansen Foundation. Most years we raise slightly more money than it takes to operate the Warehouse. Excess funds are used to make improvements in the Warehouse and to purchase specialized tools to service the medical equipment.


Gary goes to Costa Rica annually. Each time he brings a wheelchair to the Escazu Lions Club of Costa Rica.   Read more ...


  We gratefully acknowledge the Eleanor and Henry Jansen Foundation, whose faith and support over the years has helped to sustain our vision and our growth.

  Johnson Team Real Estate regularly loans us their truck so that we can make deliveries and pickups throughout Whatcom County.

  Wilson's Flruniture makes one of their trucks available to provide logistic support for special events such as the Lynden Fair and the Highlander Games.

  We would like to thank the Whatcom Education Credit Union for its financial support and fine banking services.

  Costello Design provides a truck and trailer for logistic support for special events such as the Lynden Fair and the Highlander Games.

DONATE EQUIPMENT TO THE WAREHOUSE.  The Warehouse runs entirely on donations of medical equipment. The only equipment-related items we routinely buy are batteries for motorized chairs. If you have any unused medical equipment, please consider donating it to the Warehouse. We can give you a donation receipt for tax purposes and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will be used by many needy people in the years to come. For more information about donations and becoming a volunteer, visit our DONATIONS PAGE.

HOURS.  9:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Monday & Thursday, except holidays.

TELEPHONE NUMBER.  (360) 752-5526.

Contacts. For more information, please contact Don Wight or Charles (Chaz) Nelson.


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