Bellingham Central Lions Club

Lions International 100 Year Legacy Project

Sunday, April 2nd at 2:00 pm
Join Bellingham Central Lions Club
at Civic Field

In celebration of Lions International turning 100 years old, the Bellingham Central Lions Club chose for its Legacy, a gift by the community – for the community.

On Sat Sept. 17, 2017 an inter-generational (ages 8-80+) group of Bellinghamsters gathered at Bloedel Donovan park to learn local artist Ben Mann’s unique painting technique. The following Saturday the group returned to paint two 6 x 8 ft murals depicting 6 of the sports that are held at Civic Field. Ben had sketched out the day and nighttime sports figures like a giant coloring book that everyone took part in bringing to life.

These murals are now hanging over the concession stand at Civic Field where the BCLC members volunteer and earn money to help them serve the community.

Hope you can join us SUNDAY APRIL 2nd @ 2:00 pm for the dedication of the LEGACY Project that is a gift by the community for the community to enjoy!

For more information contact Bonnie at 360-303-7924