BCLC Acts of Kindness
We are happy to share and recognize these Acts of Kindness. If you would to share your own act or the actions of others please click the button to the right.
WHO: Ken H
ACT: Ken H went above and beyond to help a young family out with an electrical issue. This family had recently bought a home and discovered some of the lightening and outlets were not working. They called an electrician and the bid they received was way over their budget. When Ken learned of their struggle he offered to help troubleshoot and he even brought a friend with some electrical experience. Ken discovered the issue and resolved the problem. The family was so thrilled. A big shout out to Ken for going out of his way to assist someone in need!
WHO: Renter & Child
ACT: My Renter and family child member repaired my fence out of kindness.
WHO: School Children
ACT: 3 middle school age children were cleaning a ditch along Sehome Road and They were doing a great act of kindness.
WHO: Community Children
ACT: Young family member offers to mow field for me without asking for payment.
WHO: Unknown neighbor
ACT: An unknown neighbor received a package with my name but an obscured address. She tried to return it to the sender but was told by then she couldn’t, so she looked up my name, found my place of work, and brought it to my office to make sure I got it. The package contained an inexpensive book, but her kindness went above and beyond and gave me hope in our community during these challenging times.
WHO: My husband John and i
ACT: We helped a new widow fix things around her house and brought her food.
WHO: BCLC Members & Family
ACT: Bellingham Central Lions Members & Family served 7 clients in need of medical equipment at the Lions Wheelchair Warehouse
WHO: Kendra
ACT: Kendra, our neighbor, is so kind to help walk our dog daily while I have been sick and/or in the hospital - she is an angel; Sue P
WHO: Kendra
ACT: Kendra, our young neighbor, kindly walks our dog whenever I am too weak, sick or in the hospital. I know she has done so 15 days this month; Sue P
WHO: BCLC Members
ACT: 3 Bellingham Central Lions members weeded, cleaned, & mowed Lions Memorial Garden honoring those who have served before them.